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Staff Directory

Charlie Cason

I am thrilled to announce the addition of Charlie Cason to the Mizzen Marketing team.  He will be handling all "inside" support responsibilities including coverage of incoming calls, order receipt and submittals, and general customer service matters, in addition to upkeep of our CRM system.
Charlie comes to us with an extensive background in providing rep customer support services in our region, and is already well-known to many in our dealer base.  He also brings an understanding and appreciation of the challenges dealers face, from his years as operations manager for a regional contractor.  Finally, his extensive technical knowledge will enable him to handle the myriad of questions that arise in day to day dealings.

Charlie recently commented on his new appointment  "I'm very pleased to be associated with Mizzen Marketing, a firm of the highest integrity.  I look forward to making new acquaintances as well as renewing many previous ones.  I will be in the office Monday through Friday, so please let me know how I can be of assistance to you."

Finally, as a card-carrying member of Mensa, he at least doubles the collective IQ of Mizzen Marketing (I can already hear the comments coming...). 

You will be hearing from Charlie, and I ask your patience and support as he gets up to speed.  He's a very good guy with a great sense of humor.  

Please join me in welcoming Charlie to the party! 

Feel free to contact Charlie directly at:
Phone  817.477.1991
Cell       817.368.8851
Fax       817.549.0026 

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