Conference & Collaboration

Conference Room Solutions

Conference rooms are designed to cater to a wide
variety of presenters and media from all over the
world. Technology needs to operate simply and
smoothly, so that the AV doesn’t overshadow sales
presentations, new ideas, and collaboration that
define business meetings.

Sources used in these rooms encompass a variety
of types and formats including laptops, wireless devices, and web cameras, so the AV system must be extremely flexible.

The Mizzen Marketing solution provides the modern conference room with the power to handle any type of situation easily and effortlessly. From universal BYOD (bring your own device) compatibility, device-to-device sharing or annotation to automatic input switching and display control capability, Mizzen brands technologies excel at supporting enhanced collaboration.

When we look at a conference room, we see opportunity...

Click on any of the points to see some of the product types we can add to any conference room.

Conference Room Blank Slate

Interactive Multitouch


Audio Digital Signal Processing

Tabletop Connectivity

Networked AV Control & Management




  • Strategically Hidden


Speakers (SHS Series)

  • In-ceiling / Surface-mount / Subwoofers



  • Single / Dual / Multi Channel / POE
  • 4-8 OHM / 25-70-100v
  • Dante Network


Digital Signal Processors (DSP)

  • 8-16 Analog I/O / Dante Network
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC)
  • Wall Controllers


AC Power Distribution

  • Power Conditioners / PDU
  • Power Sequencers


Equipment Racks & Cabinets

  • Wall, Ceiling, Floor


  • Tracking Intelligent Microphone



  • Through Table Cardioid/Omni
  • Table Top Cardioid/Omni
  • Ceiling and Wall Mount



  • Motorized Ceiling Microphone
  • Tri element
  • Gooseneck Cardioid Condenser
  • Suspended Mini Shotgun


Condenser Goosenecks

  • Cardioids
  • Shotguns
  • Twin Mounts
  • Halos

Scheduled or on-the-fly booking system

  • Touch Screen IPS 10.1” (Viewing Angles 178°)
  • Multilingual Interface
  • 3D Maps
  • Authentication (RFID / MiFare / NFC)
  • Integrated wall-mount
  • Kensington Key

Table Connectivity

  • FSR® PTB Series Pop-Up Table Box
  • FSR® T3-MJ Table Top Mic Input Jack

FSR® FL Series Floor Enclosures

  • Hinged Access Door
  • Fold Back Cable Exit


FSR® Wall Boxes

  • Front Access Locking Wall Box Covers
  • Recessed Locking Wall Box Covers
  • Surface Locking Wall Box Covers
  • Custom Tablet Enclosures
  • Apple® IPad™ Wall Mount and Rack Mount options


Rack Accessories

  • Custom LED Logo Panels
  • Rack Mounting Hardware
  • Strain Relief and Lacing Panels

Video Wall Processors

  • Display of multiple sources
  • Across projector screens or video walls

Multi-Window Processors

  • Display multiple video and computer sources
  • For single displays

HD & 4K Video over IP Encoding & Decoding

  • Video and audio distribution


  • HDBaseT signals up to 4K UHD resolution

Matrix Switchers

  • Accommodate any mix of copper, fiber or twisted pair

Codecs for Recording, Playing and Streaming

  • H.264 and JPEG 2000 compressed video

Rackmount Recording and
Media Playback Devices

  • Bluetooth audio
  • AM/FM tuner


  • Multi-Use
  • Monitoring
  • Studio Grade


  • Software-defined AV control solution
    through any web-enabled device with
    a screen, including any computer,
    tablet or smart phone

Command and Control Center

  • Provides enterprise-wide visibility to
    rooms, equipment, issues,
    performance, and usage

Virtualized and Hosted

  • On your network for cost-efficiency
    and security

Metrics and Analytics

  • Monitor use of data centers and the
    accompanying meeting rooms

Laser Projectors

  • 4500 – 10,000 Lumens
  • 20,000 hour light engine/warranty
  • Manual or Motorized Lens w/ Memory
  • 3G-SDI In/Out, HDBaseT interfaces

NovoTouch Backlit LED Displays

  • Collaborative and Interactive Touch Screen
  • Ultra HD 4K
  • 98”, 86”, 75” and 65” display size
  • Wireless Presentation
  • Digital Signage
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