Mizzen Marketing Manufacturer Design Tools

Speaker Placement Tool is designed to make it easy to select the proper positioning of speakers in a room.


The Atlas speaker selector tool helps you choose the ideal product for your application. 


Description: Configure LED video display and determine the appropriate product


The Future of Panel Design, PanelBuilder SE® provides all the great features of previous versions of PanelBuilder, but with some notable functional changes and upgrades, including: 

  • Multi-Panel Project creation as opposed to single panel design and save 
  • Expanded Panel and Parts Library 
  • Unprecedented Partner Support for companies like FSR, BOSE, Aviom, Hall Research and Key Digital 
  • Printable Quotes to simplify the Corporate purchasing process. 
  • Multi-Panel order submission from “Drawing Page” 
  • Quick Links to Manufacturers Spec Sheets 
  • Save Projects or Panels to your PC, or the “RCI Cloud” for easy retrieval of projects from any computer 



The Vivitek Lens Calculator tool helps Vivitek customers determine the optimal lens for their setup.