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K-12 Education Presentation Solutions

K-12 cafeterias typically are the spaces within a school where students eat lunch, watch videos, and socialize. However, today’s cafeteria areas serve a variety of other needs as well, including presentations, stage performances, and special events. A well designed cafeteria space must be flexible, with the right technology in place to address a variety of different purposes and use cases easily. With nimble, multi-purpose technology, the cafeteria space can be a central home base within the school and a showcase piece for anyone touring the facility, all with minimal investment.

K-12 Education Cafeteria Presentation Solutions


  • PoE+ Indoor Wall Mount IP Speakers
  • Surface-mount
  • Ceiling Mount / SHS



  • Single / Dual / Multi Channel/DSP
  • 4-8 OHM / 25-70-100v



  • Wired Handheld and Paging


AC Power Distribution

  • Power Conditioners / PDU
  • Power Sequencers


Equipment Racks & Cabinets

  • Wall, Ceiling, Floor



  • Microphone Stands


  • 4000 Lumens WUXGA Real / WXGA Real
  • Network Connection



  • 3500 / 3300 / 3000 / 2700 Lumens WXGA Real / XGA



  • 3500 / 3300 / 3000 Lumens WXGA Real/ XGA
  • Network Connection



  • 3500 / 2500 Lumens WXGA Real / XGA
  • Network Connection


4K Ultra HD 5000 Lumens

  • 4K UHD

Ultra Short Throw

  • 3500 / 3100 Lumens WXGA Real / XGA
  • Network Connection


  • UHF Hand Held Microphone and Receiver
  • UHF Lavalier, Belt Pack and Receiver
  • Lightweight Head Worn Microphone



  • Gooseneck Cardioid Condenser
  • Suspended Mini Shotgun


Dynamic Hand Held Microphone

  • Cardioid
  • Condenser



  • Dante Interface

Digital Television

  • Live TV
    • Centrally managed streams


  • Encoded
    • HDMI or composite sources


  • Playlist
    • Show Videos on Demand


  • Branded
    • Menus with school colors and images


  • PowerPoint
    • Presentations may be looped


  • Live Data
    • Mass Notification Alerts, RSS, Twitter,
      Weather and travel information

Table Connectivity

  • FSR® PTB Series Pop-Up Table Box
  • FSR® T3-MJ Table Top Mic Input Jack

FSR® FL Series Floor Enclosures

  • Hinged Access Door
  • Fold Back Cable Exit

FSR® Wall Boxes

  • Front Access Locking Wall Box Covers
  • Recessed Locking Wall Box Covers
  • Surface Locking Wall Box Covers

Custom Tablet Enclosures

  • Apple® IPad™ Wall Mount and Rack Mount options

Rack Accessories

  • Custom LED Logo Panels
  • Rack Mounting Hardware
  • Strain Relief and Lacing Panels


  • CAT-Linx 2 extenders – Transmitters / Receivers
    • 4K Ultra HD (60Hz) signals over conventional CAT 5e/6 cable
    • Signal transmission up to 100 meters for HD signals
      • Up to 70 meters for 4K Ultra HD signals
    • HDCP 2.2 compliant
    • Integrated Power-over-HDBaseT (PoH)
    • Convenient mounting rack for 12 RX or TX units available
    • IR and serial control of displays and other AV devices
    • Wall/table mounts


  • Wall Plate Transmitter
    • HDMI & VGA input
    • Embedded HDMI audio and VGA analog audio switching input
    • Serial and IR control of display devices

Audio Mixers – Rack or Desktop

  • Multi-channel
  • Multi-zone
  • Compact

Rackmount Recording and Media
Playback Devices

  • Bluetooth audio
  • AM/FM tuner



  • Multi-Use
  • Monitoring
  • Studio Grade

Ultimate learning experience that includes the following:

  • Leverage existing IT infrastructure and skills
  • Control, monitor and remotely support smart cafeterias and classrooms across campuses
  • Manage school AV technology from a centralized application
  • Dramatically reduce AV technology support time

Vivitek, a brand of Delta, is a leading manufacturer of visual display and presentation products.

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